Narryna - A hive of activity


OUT OF THE GROUND! Narryna’s Infrastructure takes shape

 Narryna’s back of house areas are currently a building site as we extend and refit our outbuildings so they can better support our school education programs, museum programs and commercial events. The infrastructure will help us to expand our audiences and build in secure revenue streams to ensure that Narryna is viable for future generations.

The infrastructure includes:

-       Installing a serving kitchen within a remodeled outbuilding

-       Extending our WC block with a wheelchair-accessible cubicle, events equipment store and garden potting area

-       Recreating a kitchen garden on its historic site as the basis for education programming

-       Commissioning a split paling fence as the boundary between the kitchen garden and a slightly expanded car park. Gates in the fence will allow the car park area to be used for events on weekends.

This project has been made possible through a package of grant funding with the Tasmanian Community Fund and Federal Government Stronger Communities program as principal sponsors.

Following a prolonged Council planning and approvals process, builder Greg Edwards’ program started with largely invisible but essential work such as plumbing, electricals and cement slab floors. Lately the walls of the Tasmanian Community Fund-sponsored WC block and events equipment store have started to rise and so the project is truly ‘out of the ground’.

Narryna has undertaken significant fundraising for the project and still needs approx. $20,000 to see it to fruition, partly as a result of the engineer and surveyor fees involved. If you would like to contribute to your community’s heritage through this project, or sponsor a particular aspect (such as a kitchen appliance, plants for the kitchen garden or education program development), please contact Manager, Scott Carlin on 0419 622 658, at or donate through direct deposit: Narryna Heritage Museum Inc. BSB 067 002 Account number 10123022

We’ll keep you posted on further developments.